Domain Lite
What is domain lite?
Domain Lite is a service MIS created to meet the increasing demand for customers who don’t require the full features our Virtual Domain hosting services yet still want to have their own domain name.

What do I get?
Domain Lite is a hosting service that takes advantage of the web space you currently have with your Midcoast connection. When someone types in your web address they are directed to a username's webspace. These addresses often look like the example below.

A customer's username is the first part of their email address.

With domain Lite we take and direct it at

So if John Smith has a username of and he wants to have a domain name of then and will take you to the same web pages.

Domain Lite service also provides basic domain email service. You can have all mail addresses at your domainname go to your existing email box. Alternatively, you could have a particular email address at your new domain go to a particular existing email box. This enables you to use your domain name in your email and not have to change the server settings in your email program. This permits the domain email to have the same antivirus and antispam features that all email addresses benefit from.

An example of this is can go automatically to

What don’t I get?
Domain Lite is not a full featured hosting service and they do differ. It is certainly true that, to your customers, Domain Lite and our Virtual Domain services may look identical. Underneath they are two very different services.

Your page is also not hosted on a server machine dedicated to webhosting. Our tilde servers are very good, however the servers are not as purpose-built as our virtual servers are. If your site requires advanced features or generates a lot of traffic then you may be required to move to our Virtual Domain services.

How much does it cost?
Domain Lite requires that you be signed up for one of our web connectivity services such as a dialup plan, DSL or Wireless. All of our connectivity services currently come with 20MB of tilde server space except for email only services. Email Only may not be used with Domain Lite.

Domain Lite is $12 per month, and must be purchased in conjunction with a connectivity plan such as previously described. If you currently have a connectivity plan you need not purchase another one. Domain Lite will work with your current connectivity plan with email only services being excluded.

How about set up fees?
The standard set up fee for Domain Lite service is $20. This is a one-time fee that we charge for setting up your service for you.

Registering a domain is a process that allows you to own a domain. It is similar to registering a trademark. Registering a domain is a process that should be performed by a qualified hosting service such as Midcoast Internet Solutions. Charges involved with registering a domain name are also billed by Midcoast Internet Solutions.

Currently the charge for a registered domain is $40 for two years. We register this through a service that allows us to act as your registrar and offer the highest quality customer service to you.

In order to register your domain name and start the domain hosting process we do need you to fill
out our online form and provide all the information.

The set up fee of $20 is a one-time fee that is charged by Midcoast Internet to perform the registration and set up of your Domain Lite service.

Who should sign up?
Anyone who desires to have a professional look on the Internet for their business but doesn’t require the extras of our Virtual Domain service.

Who should not sign up?
If you need a lot of server space, many domain email boxes, web statistics and/or expect a lot of traffic on your site then Domain Lite is not for you.

Technical Support
Midcoast Internet does not offer technical assistance for Domain Lite. Please check the Creating your own webpage sections in our help area for upload instructions to your tilde site. Your domain will automatically forward to that address.

Domain Lite Summary
$12 per month (requires connectivity account with server space)
$20 set up fee. This is a one time fee for setting up your Domain Lite account for you.
$40 fee for two year registration. It is a registrar charge for registration and retention of a domain name.

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