Full Virtual Web Hosting

For $35 a month we offer:

  • 240 MB of storage (more available upon request)
  • Domain Name Hosting (www.your-domain.com)
  • 8 Gigabytes of throughput per month
  • 20 E-mail accounts (you@your-domain.com)
  • E-mail aliasing/forwarding
  • Yearly contract service available (reduced price)
  • Reliable Linux based servers (Powered by: RedHat)
  • Full CGI bin,PERL, PHP, Python and PGP support.
  • mySQL database support
  • Multiple web servers (to keep operations as fast as possible)
  • Multiple load balancing Redundant T3 or better connections
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Online customer support (always improving)
  • Full offsite backups
  • Low ratio of servers to hosted sites (fast page load times)
  • Secure Server SSL 256-bit encryption
  • Extensive online statistics

More Information

Midcoast Internet Solutions (MIS) can provide you with your own "Virtual Domain." We can have a domain name registered(such as your-domain.com). You can advertise your web pages to be located at www.yourbusiness.com, and your email can come in to yourname@your-domain.com.

This will make your internet presence:

  • more professional
  • have a web address that is easier to write and remember
  • look like your web page has its own server
  • fast--your virtual server is attached to multiple redundant T3 or faster connections

Three steps to getting www.your-domain.com on the internet.

Choose Midcoast Internet Solutions to host your page
Have your domain (www.your-domain.com) officially registered--this is required. If your domain is
already registered a DNS update will have to be done to move your hosting to Midcoast. See our
FAQ section.
Design or have your web page designed and uploaded.

1. Choose Midcoast Internet Solutions to host your page.

Setup $50: This is a one-time fee that MIS charges to register your domain and prepare our server to host your designed web page with your registered domain as the title.

Monthly Charge $35: This is the monthly charge for hosting your domain. This service comes with 60 megabytes of space on a machine that hosts no more that 50 sites per machine. It also includes up to 20 domain email boxes for your domain. Example: (joesmith@your-domain.com, org, net).

2. Get your domain (www.your-domain.com) officially registered.

Registering a domain is a process that allows you to legally own a domain. It is similar to
registering a trademark. Registering a domain is a process that should be performed by a
qualified hosting service such as Midcoast Internet Solutions. If you sign up for a hosting service with Midcoast Internet we do not charge to register your domain name. This does not mean it is free. The registrar will charge for the time period in which the domain is registered. This is generally 2 years but can be longer or shorter periods at customer request.

Currently the charge for a registered domain is $40 for two years. We register this through a service that allows us to act as your registrar and offer the highest quality customer service to you.

In order to register your domain name and start the domain hosting process we do need you to fill out our online form and provide all the information including a credit card number for registration charges. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

3. Design or have your web page designed.

Midcoast Internet Solutions provides you with the space for your web page, however MIS does not perform any design work. Design involves the creation of the page and uploading your page into the space we have provided. Design may also include consulting, search engine work, mail/forms, web counters and updating your web page. Designers will have their own unique services.

Click here to see our own listing of local designers.

You may also design your own page. This is something that one should attempt only if they feel comfortable doing so. Design can be a very in depth process. One should be familiar with using a web page design program. One should also know how to use an FTP program. Doing a web page right can be a very involved process. MIS does not assist in the web page design process.

Why host with Midcoast Internet Solutions?

Midcoast Internet Solutions offers a high quality web hosting service for a competitive price. We feel that nobody is offering the quality we offer for such a low price. Cheap web hosting, like all things, is cheap for a reason.

Unlike many hosting services that will put hundreds of web pages on one server, we at MIS limit that amount to ensure fast load times and high quality. This ensures that your site is always fast responding, and reliable, with room for growth. We consider high quality to be the hallmark of our Virtual Domain service. You can communicate with us via email, telephone, fax or even in person. You can actually meet the people who built and maintain the servers your web pages reside on. The fact that we actually host your web pages in house and have the expertise to take care of them is almost unheard of among our local competitors. This offers you the piece of mind of knowing where your pages are and where they are being taken care of.

If you are interested in knowing more about our services please feel free to give us a call. We would love to talk to you about your web hosting needs.

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