Colocation Services

Colocation is a service where you locate your server at our place. You (or your contractor) own, configure, and maintain the server, and we provide power, bandwidth, physical space and access. Instead of bringing the Internet to your server, colocation brings your server to the Internet.

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  • Increased reliability
  • Multiple Redundant Backbone Connections
  • Latest in electrical power technology
  • Redundant air conditioning
  • Great Network Infastructure
  • Decreased cost - more bang for your buck!
  • High cost connection not required
  • Battery backups and generator are provided by MIS
  • Physical space is provided by MIS
  • More flexibility than any virtual webserver

Handy options such as:

  • Automated network backups
  • Remote power switch


The Service
$250 Setup Fee. Non-refundable. Pays for a small portion of shared equipment such as our UPSs (battery backups), equipment racks, monitor, emergency generator, ethernet wiring, and ethernet switch ports.

$150 Monthly Fee. Basic Colocation Service cost for one server This covers Internet bandwidth, electrical costs, rent, and our staff of Internet professionals who keep the Internet and MIS running smoothly and don't mess with your server.

Or have a cabinet of your own. This will include a key and alarm code for private 24x7 access. Pricing for a cabinet is generally custom and is based on electrical/air conditioning demand and bandwidth needs.

"Remote Control Power Switch". Turn your equipment's power off and on via telnet. (time-saver and convenience). This is a $200 one-time fee.

Automated Network Backups. Your server can do a backup over the network to our massive backup server at an off-site location. Protects your data from accidents, fire, theft, and Murphy's law. This is also a time-saver and convenience. This is between $20/month and $50/month depending on how much data needs to be backed up.

Physical Access
Physical Access during business hours is fine. Just call before you visit. After-hours or weekend access is available when accompanied by a MIS employee. Certain MIS labor charges may apply in an off-hours situation. You will be given a pager number for contacting an MIS employee should the need for emergency access be required.

If you have four or more servers, we can provide a key, alarm code, and locked cage or cabinet for your servers. This will provide 24 hour access and further security.

Bandwidth Regulations
You have access to multiple T3, and faster backbones for Internet access, but so do other machines on our network. We watch, control, and manage bandwidth for the best performance for everybody. The $150/month service provides 200kbps average usage (excluding network backups) Keep it under 200kbps 80% of the day. We will provide traffic graphs. To help understand this, a particularly busy website of a customer at MIS gets 600,000 accesses a month or 20,000 visits to the homepage of it's popular and complicated website. Peak usage is at 2pm EST and is about 30kbps average for that hour. (far far below the 200kbps average). We chose this 200kbps 80% of the time threshold because it is high enough average utilization that is will not a concern for most customers. If you have higher continuous bandwidth demands, we can gladly provide a customized proposal which you will likely find agreeable.

Electrical Power
MIS uses the same type and brand of UPSs for its colocation services as it does for our own servers. We hook a small number of servers to a large APC Smartups. This provides power during brownouts and short duration (less than 30 minute) power failures.The MIS datacenter has a auto-starting diesel generator which is used for extended outages.

MIS will provide upto two ethernet jacks per server on our ethernet switch. An ethernet switch provides better security than a hub, and provide the ability for MIS to make traffic graphs for you.

The Server Machine
What should a customer use for a server which is to be colocated at MIS? The server should be reliable. Quality components should be used in its construction (good cooling fans, good hard drives, etc.) Linux or another Unix would be a good choice of operating system. MacOS or Windows2000/2003 might be decent if remote control software is installed. (PC anywhere is a popular choice for Windows) What OS you use depends on the specific needs and tasks of the server. Your server machine has an important job which requires reliability and shouldn't be unnecessarily tinkered with. MIS prefers rackmount cases. A desktop or minitower case is also fine. Large tower cases might incur a larger setup fee.

Fine Print
MIS does not permit unauthorized resale of our Colocation Service. Authorization may be obtained in writing from MIS for certain purposes. MIS does not host or provide colocation "adult" websites. MIS does not guarantee the data or Internet security of customer owned servers used for colocation. (This is the job of the person who maintains your server machine). MIS reserves the right to shutdown your computer or network connection in the event of serious technical trouble or other emergency or non-payment.

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