Acceptable Use Policy

By signing up for any of our web hosting services (including collocation), or using your connectivity account server space (also known as "tilde" or "free" space), you agree to the conditions and terms listed on this page. The Acceptable Use Policy on this page applies to those services only. For our standard AUP please click here.

Midcoast Internet Solutions is not liable for any damages that result from any of our servers for any reason whatsoever. Midcoast Internet Solutions will not be responsible for any damages resulting from deletion of a web site or disconnection of a collocated server for any reason.

Unacceptable Content
Hosting of any illegal or adult content such as pornography, pirated software, warez sites or hacker software is strictly prohibited. Websites and servers found with this content will be immediately shut down.

System and or Network Abuse
Any attempt to damage, compromise the security of, or otherwise cause harm to any Midcoast Internet Solutions server, employee or customer accounts is strictly prohibited. This activity will result in the immediate and permanent removal of the account. This activity may result in legal action.

Sending spam (the sending of unsolicited commercial e-mail), from or through any MIS server is prohibited. Midcoast Internet Solutions will be the final decision maker in all potential spam violation situations.

Billing Policies
All bills sent out by MIS are due when they are received. MIS does not bill in advance of services but instead, after the service period is complete. MIS will lock accounts that fall into delinquent status. This means the web site or server during that period will be shut down. We also reserve the right to delete any web sites, or unplug any server at any time of a customer that falls into delinquency. Deletion of a web site means any uploaded materials will be destroyed. We are not responsible for material left on our servers, or customer servers that are abandoned. Customer servers left behind for more than 30 days with no contact to MIS are considered abandoned, and MIS will assume ownership at this point. This policy only applies to customer accounts that are delinquent.

Technical Support
Midcoast Internet Solutions DOES NOT provide technical support for designing or uploading web pages. We do provide an online help area for uploading via FTP. This area is available in our web hosting help area.

Midcoast Internet Solutions (MIS) will provide FTP settings for hosting customers. These are basic settings that work with standard FTP programs like WS-FTP and Fetch. MIS will not teach customers how to use FTP programs. We will not provide any upload support beyond giving basic settings. MIS does not upload change, troubleshoot, or alter customer web pages. Any alteration to the web sites content is considered web page design. MIS does not provide computers or terminals to upload web pages.

MIS will be glad to point customers who need help to proper channels to get support. These channels may include taking a class on basic web design and uploading, as well as our list of local web designers.

Internet Services
Domain Hosting and Collocation services do not provide you with any ability to connect to, and use, the Internet. By signing up for the Domain Hosting or Collocation services, you are signing up for a service with charges that are not related to any internet connection account you may, or may not, already have.

Web Designers / FTP Clearance
Midcoast Internet is happy to work with competent Web Designers. A Web Designer must have a method for uploading to our servers and must be familiar with that process. We will work with Web Designers to give them FTP settings. We will also work with Web Designers who need security clearances to do FTP work on our servers. The Hosting customer must give all username and password information to their designer, and must also inform Midcoast Internet if a designer needs to work directly with us. We will only work with designers once the customer has given us the approval to work with them. This is done to protect the interests of all our customers on our domain servers.

Security of our customers and our servers is always an important issue. Unfortunately it doesn't always make things as convenient. However in today's open electronic world, it is very necessary. For this reason Midcoast Internet Solutions must take measures to ensure server security is not compromised.
Each customer chooses a user name and a password for their account. It is essential that they record these in a secure place and not lose them. If they are lost Midcoast Internet does reserve the right to require proof of identification and domain account ownership to either change or, reacquire, the username and password.
Internet hackers are a constant threat to the security of ISPs. For this reason, Midcoast Internet has a security firewall for its servers. This firewall blocks everyone who does not use Midcoast Internet to get an Internet connection. We can, and do allow people a way through the firewall on a case by case basis. Midcoast Internet reserves the right to restrict access past our firewall to protect our interests, as well of the interests of our customers and their web pages. Our carefully guarded firewall is one of the many features and benefits of doing business with Midcoast Internet for web hosting.
If you feel that there has been a violation of our AUP please report this immediately to MIS for investigation.

If you have any further questions regarding our web hosting policies please be sure to give us a call at 207-594-8277 during normal business hours.